Recommending some applications for mobile in this 2017

2016 stays behind to make room for new beginnings, new things live, feel, or do. The new year occurs as a canvas in white which must be filled and a good choice to do so is in new year’s resolutions.

The purposes are those intentions that are targeted in a list and that the majority of people forget a few months or even weeks. Quitting smoking, play more football, travel, save, find a partner… There are for all tastes and colors, but if they appear on that list or are wandering your mind, is something.

Many times what you lack is sufficient motivation to achieve them; other simply leave them aside by laziness. It can also happen to disappear from our list because it already does not interest us, because we see them as impossible or because we have put so many that it will be impossible to comply with them and we have to make a selection.

In this 2017 I recommend some mobile applications (Android and iOS) that will throw you a cable in fulfilling these purposes of new year you’ve marked.

Notes, to always have the present list

Once we make the list of objectives, a common practice is to store it in a drawer waiting that the time to delete something and take out it again.

Error, so it is likely that something you forget as the days pass. The best thing is that you carry the list always up and the easiest to do this is make a note and save it on your mobile phone. Both Android as iOS have their native Notes application, what won’t lack download anything. Even so, you can always create and save a Word document in the application of documents from Google or Microsoft Word, as well as Evernote or OficeSuite, among many other applications.

Fintonic, to save or not to waste

Save or properly carry the finances are two aspects that concern enough people along the year and the most important things in the list of purposes of many people. Whether to save for contingencies, to give you some whim or to try to improve your quality of life, the money management is important and is very well controlled from mobile applications.

Fintonic is an ‘app’ for Android and iOS that carries an exhaustive control of costs and revenues. It is stored the information of all your accounts and credit cards so that you can have at hand all the movements of the same and know how much money you have and how to invest it. It has a warning system that alerts you of those moments where there are incidents (payments of commissions or erroneous, for example) and displays tips to help with finances.

Globalization, to learn a new language

Globalization is one of the critical applications when it comes to learning languages. For many considered one of the best, its premise is that you learn while having fun. The ‘app’ will make you a level to know at what point test start and root of that level after level, start and with interactive lessons (with games) that include exercises of all kinds, both grammar and writing or pronunciation. With it you can learn English, German, French, Portuguese and catalan. If this application does not like or does not contain the language you want, check out our article on all kinds of resources to learn languages for free, that is sure to find something with which cross this goal on your list for 2017.

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