Mobile and Virtual reality increases they updates this year

Samsung struggles to keep its place of privilege in the MWC. The Korean firm, which had made the appointment in Barcelona its major annual event, searched the form of hoarding role without throwing mobile, but with two interesting product lines.

After the scandal of explosive Note 7 batteries, Samsung is renewed with two tablets designed to give high performance and a great step forward in virtual reality. The expected successor to the Galaxy S7, whose natural launch would have been in this event in Southampton, will be released on March 29.

In spite of Samsung, the Note was protagonist of the evening when environmentalists from Greenpeace interrupted the show to claim that the mobile failed components are recycled. Something which, on the other hand, it is already in the plans of Samsung, which includes making some changes until it is safe and give output in emerging markets.

The touchpad has become more sensitive, with possibility of drag and drop. This control is reminiscent of the popular Wii from Nintendo, belt, but also the mechanics of use, and they will bring some mobile applications according to this.

The Virtual Reality rocks on

Last year they had a special guest in its presentation, the most anticipated character and the great absence of this Edition, Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook crossed the room inadvertently while attendees recreated in virtual reality. Samsung has boosted this format with an edition of their VR goggles, born of their collaboration with Oculus, the company owned by the social network. In the wake of Google with Daydream, have reinforced the most weakness, positioning, with a remote control. This achieves gain in credibility. Thanks to the remote control, user avoids potential dizziness, feel always the first person control and creates a much more credible interaction than in previous versions, where it was necessary to frequently touch the side of the helmet.

In this same vein, the touch panel has become more sensitive, with possibility of drag and drop. This control is reminiscent of the popular Wii from Nintendo, belt, but also the mechanics of use.

The new helmet will be compatible with models of mobile Galaxy S6, covering the entire range, and the rest of the Galaxy S models released since then. At this point if they get to beat Google, whose proposal has hardly mobile in the market and, consequently, the absence of content is notable. Facebook has had no qualms about subsidizing studies of video games or movies that boredom does not reach its platform.

Samsung has traditionally been the big driver of Android. In the absence of mobile to teach, Galaxy Tab S3 has the best operating system of Google, lightness and a large catalog of applications, with the design for the usual entertainment brand. The sound has taken care with an agreement with AKG, screen reaches 9.7 inch but only 434 grams and fast loading. The creative aspect is enhanced with your stylus pen S. The manufacturer wants to use both for entertainment, with special emphasis in video games as for work. As a curiosity, have sealed an alliance with Staedtler pencils manufacturers, to make its still more precise pointer.

Galaxy Book, a new line, focuses on professionals. It is a hybrid between Tablet and computer (a convertible). You will leave with two 10.6 and 12-inch models, but in both cases with 10 Windows and processors from Intel, a way to not give up the productivity of Microsoft, but with a more casual and light design. They have integrated keyboard, great ergonomics, despite staying at a weight that is 650-760 grams depending on the size. Smaller than a laptop and with an estimated range of more than 10 hours. Both the S3 Tab and the Galaxy Book offer wifi connection compatible with high speed as 4G networks with contract with operator. Rear camera arrives at 12 megapixels and the front stays in five. Something more than the usual average in tablets and serves to keep the moment without having to use another appliance or do videoconferencing quality. The selfi remains mobile territory. These tablets are called to compete with the iPad Apple Pro and the Microsoft Surface.

It is striking that, in all cases, the charger will be USB-C, increasingly become the industry standard.

As it is often in this type of event’s unwritten rule, specific market arrival dates, they didn’t although it is expected to be in the spring, or price, which depends in many cases of oscillation of currency and promotions with operators.

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