Gift Cards and Play Store, what you need to know

Over the years, Google Play Store has evolved to become one of the most popular mobile app stores. Since its launch on October 22, 2008, have been a lot of updates and news aimed to provide the best user experience. Of course, in all this timethere have been things to not know of the shop Play Store then you want to share.
In 2015, Google reported that you analyzed 6,000 million Android apps every daywith the intention of finding malicious or harmful applications. The company has policies that promote safety in its app store including the possibility of obtaining amonetary award if you discover a vulnerability in Play Store.

Because Play Store is updated constantly, failures and “bugs” that are generated inthe new devices, they are corrected to ensure that the app store stays secure.

One of the key points for the success of Google Play Store is that there are a largenumber and variety of categories for Android applications. This means that usershave more than where choose. The top 10 of the most popular Google Play Storecategories include: games, entertainment, productivity, communication, personalization, music and audio, Social, media and videos, and travel.



After the emergence of Google Music and the re-nomination of the store of applications, for July 2013, Google announced that Play Store had surpassed one millionpublished application for Android, in addition to more than 50 million downloadshad been recorded. The latest statistics indicate that until September of this 2016,the number of applications available in Play Store reached 2.4 million.

This is also something that many people do not know and that is very useful, particularly if you are interested in buying apps in Play Store. The available payment methods currently include debit or credit card, PayPal and gift cards. This last formof payment is very convenient for those who do not have credit card or a PayPal account, since they can buy at authorized stores Play Store Gift cards and redeem acode that can be then used to purchase applications.

Free applications and Google Play gift card

 Between 2009 and 2014, measured the distribution of free applications and payment applications in Play Store. It was determined that in 2009, the 60.8% of all applications for Android available were free, a percentage that rose to 68.8% in 2014. Since most of the Play Store applications are free, Google has to use effective business models for income. You can know more about get Google Play gift cards in this website.


In this sense, the world distribution of income in Play Store was calculated in January and November 2013 on the basis of business models. The results indicated thatin November 2013, 98% of revenues were generated by free applications throughintegrated applications purchases. Only 1% of revenues were generated by payment applications.
Play Google Play Books, or books is an application for Android that allows readingelectronic books. Google developed this app in February 2011 and currently offersmore than four millions of eBooks which can be purchased directly through Play Store. All books that are purchased can also be stored in the cloud, allowing you toaccess them from within the application or by using the web.
The interesting aspect is that users can store over 1000 ebooks free of charge, but always and when each file does not exceed the 50 MB in size. The latest versionof this application already allows users to upload their own electronic books in formats PDF and PUB.
It is a very interesting feature that lets users Play Store, share payment applications with up to six members of his family. In other words, if a person buys a game, anapplication, a film or a book, can share that content between different device without having need of register and of course without having to buy the “article”.

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