All arenas in Clash Royale

How to move up in arenas clash royale

In Clash Royale, in addition to level up, we can climb arena. Playing in one or another arena will depend on the number of cups we accumulate, which is achieved through our victories in battle.

Every time we climb arena, the prizes we get in coffers will be better, and we will also unlock new cards that will appear in these coffers. Although it is not permanent, if we descend of arena after several defeats, we will happen to receive the rewards of the arena in which we are at the moment.

So we detail below the cups necessary to unlock each arena, and the cards we will unlock when we get it. Also I leave a link for those who are interested in get free gems clash royale, in the web of Gumsup, you will see all the information to get free gems and resources in Clash Royale and other games.

Free Gems in Clash Royale and Tips for Arenas.

Tips Arena Clash Royale

Since we will not have all the cards to play, we propose a deck to play in each arena and with which to climb to the next. You can also watch the best Clash Royale decks. Although depending on the arena you are you may not have all the necessary cards:

Arena 0 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena – Arena 0

Name of the arena: Training
Cups: They are not required as we begin to play.
Cards that are unlocked: Arrows, Bomber, Archers, Knight, Fireball, Mini Pekka, Mosquetera, Giant, Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Witch

Arena 1 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena – Arena 1

Name of the arena: Stadium
Cups: It is the first arena in which we will play competitive, so you will not need drinks either.
Cards that are unlocked: Goblins with Spear, Goblins, Goblins Hut, Goblins, Lightning, Valkyrie
Deck for arena 1: Giant – Prince – Minipekka – Knight – Mosquetera – Archers – Bomber – Arrows
Tips: The Giant and the Minipekka are two very fast cards with which you can surprise your opponent, so as soon as you have them, we recommend them to you.

Arena 2 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena 2 – Arena 2

Name of the arena: Bone pit
Cups: 400
Letters that unlock: Skeletons, Minions, Tombstone, Bombardier Tower, Giant Skeleton, Globe
Deck for arena 2: Arrows – Tombstone – Minipekka – Valkyrie – Prince – Arches – Goblin with spear – Goblin hut
Tips: Use buildings such as the tombstone or goblin hut, entertain enemy tanks, and the valkyrie is very strong versus small units, the first card with great area damage.

Arena 3 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena Arena 3 – Arena 3

Name of the arena: Barbarian Coliseum
Cups: 800
Cards Unlocked: Cannon, Barbarians, Rocket, Barbarian Hut, Fury and Crossbow
Deck for arena 3: Barbarians – Globe – Minions – Tombstone – Goblin hut – Fireball – Arrows – Prince
Tips: The Globe and the henchmen are the first aerial cards we will get, and are very complicated to defend at this point, so they are highly recommended.

Arena 4 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena  – Arena 4

Name of the arena: Fort of P.E.K.K.A.
Cups: 1,100
Cards that are unlocked: Tesla Tower, Army of Minions, Montapuerco, Horde of Minions, Infernal Tower, Freezing, Pekka, Infernal Dragon and Lava Hound
Deck for arena 4: Horda of minions – Globe – Arqueras – Tombstone – Hunt of elves – Fireball – Arrows – Mosquetera
Tips: We can already make a very strong air deck, with the horde and the balloon, supported by many letters that defend very well and facilitate the advance
We also propose a selection of the best decks for Fort of Pekka

Arena 5 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena – arena 5

Name of the arena: Valley of spells
Cups: 1,400
Letters unlocked: Unloading, Spirits of Fire, Oven, Wizard, Poison, Mirror, Ice Wizard and Cemetery
Deck 5: Mountaineering – Freezing – Baby Dragon, Mini pekka – Goblin with spear – Knight – Skeletons – Arrows
Tips: We could continue with air, but we already have very cheap cards that attack fast as the Montapuercos.
We also propose a selection of the best decks for Valle de Hechizos

Arena 6 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena Arena – Arena 6

arena Name: Builder’s Workshop
Points needed: 1,700
Cards that unlock: Mortar, Gatherer, Battle batter, Tornado, Golem, Trunk, Sparks and Miner
Deck for arena 6: Montapuerco – Miner – Barbarians – Hordes of minions – Goblins – Infernal Tower – Fireball – Download
Tips: From here we can test the decks of miner control, and at the same time defend everything with cards like the infernal tower.
We also propose a selection of the best decks for Constructor’s Workshop

Basic tips and some hacks for Clash of Clans

Many times we spend in games of the Clash of Clans type, which we have left cracks undiscovered, without exploiting to the maximum. That’s why it never hurts to review a series of tricks and tips that help us in the future of the game, the differentiators of the other players and can get more gems. If you want some information about how to get free gems in Clash of Clans, in Gums Up you will find a lot of information about Clash of Clans and other games like Monster Legends or Clash Royale, with the aplication you will earn Gums and you can change it for gems or resources of the game.

Clash of Clans some tricks and hacks.

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Some apps that gives you the paid applications for free

The variety of applications that we can find both in the App Store and in the Play Store is really immense since we can from planning the weekend or learn some language until we find the possibility to control our daily diet. No doubt our mobile device currently offers us so many possibilities that we use it practically for everything. In addition its use has been extended more and more since the possibility of obtaining WiFi wherever we go is increasing. If you want to get paid apps for free visit the link to get more information.

Some interesting apps to get paid apps for free

Although most of the applications today are free, it is true that they are not all of them and that sometimes it is annoying to have to pay for some of them since we do not know if we will really give as much use as we intend .
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Gift Cards and Play Store, what you need to know

Over the years, Google Play Store has evolved to become one of the most popular mobile app stores. Since its launch on October 22, 2008, have been a lot of updates and news aimed to provide the best user experience. Of course, in all this timethere have been things to not know of the shop Play Store then you want to share.
In 2015, Google reported that you analyzed 6,000 million Android apps every daywith the intention of finding malicious or harmful applications. The company has policies that promote safety in its app store including the possibility of obtaining amonetary award if you discover a vulnerability in Play Store.

Because Play Store is updated constantly, failures and “bugs” that are generated inthe new devices, they are corrected to ensure that the app store stays secure.

One of the key points for the success of Google Play Store is that there are a largenumber and variety of categories for Android applications. This means that usershave more than where choose. The top 10 of the most popular Google Play Storecategories include: games, entertainment, productivity, communication, personalization, music and audio, Social, media and videos, and travel.



After the emergence of Google Music and the re-nomination of the store of applications, for July 2013, Google announced that Play Store had surpassed one millionpublished application for Android, in addition to more than 50 million downloadshad been recorded. The latest statistics indicate that until September of this 2016,the number of applications available in Play Store reached 2.4 million.

This is also something that many people do not know and that is very useful, particularly if you are interested in buying apps in Play Store. The available payment methods currently include debit or credit card, PayPal and gift cards. This last formof payment is very convenient for those who do not have credit card or a PayPal account, since they can buy at authorized stores Play Store Gift cards and redeem acode that can be then used to purchase applications.

Free applications and Google Play gift card

 Between 2009 and 2014, measured the distribution of free applications and payment applications in Play Store. It was determined that in 2009, the 60.8% of all applications for Android available were free, a percentage that rose to 68.8% in 2014. Since most of the Play Store applications are free, Google has to use effective business models for income. You can know more about get Google Play gift cards in this website.


In this sense, the world distribution of income in Play Store was calculated in January and November 2013 on the basis of business models. The results indicated thatin November 2013, 98% of revenues were generated by free applications throughintegrated applications purchases. Only 1% of revenues were generated by payment applications.
Play Google Play Books, or books is an application for Android that allows readingelectronic books. Google developed this app in February 2011 and currently offersmore than four millions of eBooks which can be purchased directly through Play Store. All books that are purchased can also be stored in the cloud, allowing you toaccess them from within the application or by using the web.
The interesting aspect is that users can store over 1000 ebooks free of charge, but always and when each file does not exceed the 50 MB in size. The latest versionof this application already allows users to upload their own electronic books in formats PDF and PUB.
It is a very interesting feature that lets users Play Store, share payment applications with up to six members of his family. In other words, if a person buys a game, anapplication, a film or a book, can share that content between different device without having need of register and of course without having to buy the “article”.

Recommending some applications for mobile in this 2017

2016 stays behind to make room for new beginnings, new things live, feel, or do. The new year occurs as a canvas in white which must be filled and a good choice to do so is in new year’s resolutions.

The purposes are those intentions that are targeted in a list and that the majority of people forget a few months or even weeks. Quitting smoking, play more football, travel, save, find a partner… There are for all tastes and colors, but if they appear on that list or are wandering your mind, is something.

Many times what you lack is sufficient motivation to achieve them; other simply leave them aside by laziness. It can also happen to disappear from our list because it already does not interest us, because we see them as impossible or because we have put so many that it will be impossible to comply with them and we have to make a selection.

In this 2017 I recommend some mobile applications (Android and iOS) that will throw you a cable in fulfilling these purposes of new year you’ve marked.

Notes, to always have the present list

Once we make the list of objectives, a common practice is to store it in a drawer waiting that the time to delete something and take out it again.

Error, so it is likely that something you forget as the days pass. The best thing is that you carry the list always up and the easiest to do this is make a note and save it on your mobile phone. Both Android as iOS have their native Notes application, what won’t lack download anything. Even so, you can always create and save a Word document in the application of documents from Google or Microsoft Word, as well as Evernote or OficeSuite, among many other applications.

Fintonic, to save or not to waste

Save or properly carry the finances are two aspects that concern enough people along the year and the most important things in the list of purposes of many people. Whether to save for contingencies, to give you some whim or to try to improve your quality of life, the money management is important and is very well controlled from mobile applications.

Fintonic is an ‘app’ for Android and iOS that carries an exhaustive control of costs and revenues. It is stored the information of all your accounts and credit cards so that you can have at hand all the movements of the same and know how much money you have and how to invest it. It has a warning system that alerts you of those moments where there are incidents (payments of commissions or erroneous, for example) and displays tips to help with finances.

Globalization, to learn a new language

Globalization is one of the critical applications when it comes to learning languages. For many considered one of the best, its premise is that you learn while having fun. The ‘app’ will make you a level to know at what point test start and root of that level after level, start and with interactive lessons (with games) that include exercises of all kinds, both grammar and writing or pronunciation. With it you can learn English, German, French, Portuguese and catalan. If this application does not like or does not contain the language you want, check out our article on all kinds of resources to learn languages for free, that is sure to find something with which cross this goal on your list for 2017.

2017 bring us a lot of very expected games

By 2015, we expected many games that, for various reasons, disappeared from the calendar and went to 2016. Quantum Break, The Division, not Man’s Sky, Zelda WIi U, Star Fox Zero, Homefront: The Revolution, 4 Uncharted… The trend has remained in this 2016, with some already delayed major title, as Scalebound, the exclusive Platinum Games for Xbox One. We want ahead of the news, we get the crystal ball and we pulled to the pool to see which games may be delayed to next year.

Since its introduction last autumn, Detroit: Become Human has become one of the titles to consider for the catalogue of the PS4. Behind him is David Cage, responsible for Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain during the past generation. In his peculiar way of telling stories now gets fully in science fiction and the implications that would have artificial intelligence in society. It was presented during the last October and is expected to occupy a place of honor at the next E3, but we fear that 2016 is a date too early for this project and that we have to go 2017 to enjoy it.

Dishonored 2 leaked a few hours before its official announcement during the E3 of 2015 but that not removed him absolutely nothing of importance. The continuation of the adventures of Corvo and his new companion, Emily, is one of those titles that promise to shine with their own light within the catalogue of the new generation consoles, though its development has not shed new lights for several months. The initial plans of Bethesda was to throw it to the spring of 2016, but a few months that begins, there is still no date firm. However, and according to the pace of the current generation of consoles, most likely that Bethesda was too optimistic with their valuations and Dishonored 2 to finish going to 2017.

With Dragon Quest we have a very broad guidance window that closes may 27, 2017, date in which close the events of the 30th anniversary of the legendary series of Japanese role-playing games. It is safest to Dragon Quest XI, both in its version for Nintendo 3DS and PS4 (of the supposed for NX better not talk), we arrive through 2017, especially if we speak of the West. In Japan could still have any hope of that out along this 2016, but Square Enix usually distance a few months releases in different regions when it comes to Dragon Quest.

Final Fantasy XV already is one of the games with one of the longer development in the history of video games. We should not forget that the germ of this title is in Final Fantasy XIII versus and that this was announced during the presentation of the PS3, in 2006, a decade ago. Finally last year we enjoyed the first beta, called Episode Duscae, which revealed many of their qualities, but also many problems that needed to be solved. It is assumed that March 31 (end of the Japanese fiscal year) Square Enix will make an important announcement about this game. The forecast is to come out this year, but could still go to the first months of 2017.

Gears of War is one of the most powerful franchises available in Microsoft for its Xbox brand. Surprised everyone with a first absolutely brilliant game that, to some extent, marked the way for his generation and up to three sequels that helped to consolidate the brand and turn it into an absolute reference of video games on Xbox 360. Gears of War 4 will become a reality that is intended for Christmas of 2016, but seeing what is happening with the Xbox One exclusives may well end up turning it into one of those titles that have to be delayed a few months to finish polishing details. The border of the consumption of the festivities is a sweet too tempting to let it pass, but the trouble in the deadlines that we have experienced in recent years already make us wary of anyone.