The Chinese New Year in Barcelona

On 28 January 2017 we welcomed the year of the Rooster’s fire, the name that is known to the Chinese new year. And it is that while in the West we are used to change from year to the end of December, Chinese culture is different to ours and is governed by a lunar calendar. This is very different from the Gregorian calendar and for which are governed more than half of the countries of the world map and therefore tend to celebrate the change of the year a month or a month and a half after the traditional new year’s Eve. If you want double celebration of new year’s Eve this year, join the grapes in your House or square on December 31 and the Dragon Dance and lion on January 28 in Barcelona

Best way to live to the full the Chinese new year, is to travel to China. There is no doubt that there live firsthand the authentic tradition of going into the new year with the dances, the feast of lanterns, lanterns, red… and everything in order to remind you that the year is about to change the animal. Yes, Yes, you read well, animal. And it is that in Chinese culture, the years are governed by animals. Thus, this year 2016 say goodbye to fire monkey to welcome to fire red rooster.

If travel to China does not fit into your plans, don’t worry you can join any of the festivals that are celebrated in Spain. Barcelona, is the ideal choice if you want to experience the Spring Festival at its purest. The city is known for being one of the towns of Spain where is celebrated in style this event and where also gather other important events to bring the two cultures.

To understand a little more about the party and be able to participate in it the first thing you need to do is enter in your culture and traditions related to this celebration. For the Chinese tradition is linked to superstition and therefore it is so important to the concept of “” good luck”” in the change of year. It is fundamental to welcome the new year on the right foot and that for them, one of the main tasks during the day is clean and relimpiar the House with old brooms which subsequently pulled to not let anything dirty. The cleaning which is traditional to wash dishes, covered and let everything shiny is so important. This surely will not see you walking Street but it is the step prior to the big day.

The custom is also decorate all red. Houses, facades and stores this color that attracts good luck and scares the bad stain. It is not therefore rare posters and posters of these colors with ideograms that put good luck and spring found at every step. The food should be served in abundance and will be a good way to celebrate the arrival of the year. For this reason, it is common to spend long hours cooking before the big celebration. Another great reason is that once the new year, knives and scissors must be saved to avoid attracting bad luck, so it is important to have already carried out all tasks in the kitchen.

Where to celebrate the Chinese new year in Barcelona?

With all traditions met in greater or lesser extent becomes the day of the big parade. It is traditional since Barcelona garnish to bring a bit of China to the city of Barcelona. In recent years, the parade has been celebrated in the District of Sagrada Familia, being this last year a year of union of Chinese and Catalan traditions. The parade, which is the motor shaft in the event of the celebration of the new year, usually starting at noon and lasts an hour. During this leave to the street dancers, Lions, dragons, masks and other forms of Chinese folklore. In addition, they are used to liven up the party elements properly Catalans as the castellers, Giants and local Devils.

From the dances and the dances, the party follows with musical performances and other shows. Last year were major events in the Jardins de la Industria and Plaza Gaudi. It is still early to know what activities will delight us this year, so it will have to be attentive to the town hall or the various organizing bodies to know the exact times of the celebration of the new year of the Rooster’s fire.

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