Barcelona airport open new lines to Asia

Barcelona El Prat Airport still struggling to achieve new intercontinental routes. Asia is the major concern, and now this season has been that the South Korean KoreanAir resumed its direct charter flights between Seoul and Barcelona.
It is a matter of time for other companies to join the car, and begin to open new routes to the Asian continent, where the options of increasing tourism and trade, only creates a more than ideal prespectives between countries.


The company already operated with success the route last year, and this exercise repeats (charter flights are the prelude to the regular flight). It does so with a weekly connection between the months of April and July, with flights on Tuesdays or Thursdays, depending on the week. It‘s flights for South Korean tourists who buy a package tour to visit Barcelona. The firm uses this service, a 266seat Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.


Another company interested in flying to Barcelona is Air India. The commercial director of the airline, Pankaj Srivastava, said this week that Air India is “evaluating” themarket in Barcelona and Madrid, and if the results of the feasibility study are positive, would begin operations “next year”.


Another possible route with Asia of Barcelona Airport is Taiwan. The island has signed an agreement with Spain achieve relevant flight permissions, and companies such as Eva Air are studying to implement direct flights.


Would really be of great help these direct flights to the Asian world, to avoid scalesand lost time, Taiwan has always been a hard trip for people who wanted to go from Barcelona, so these new routes will help to increase tourism by both parties, no doubt.


Highly recommended Taiwan by understood people to make a trip outside the continent, recommends its capital, Taipei, without a doubt, best of Taipei is its essence of City between the two Asia. You have the good of most developed as Tokyo or Singapore Asian cities: order, cleanliness and excellent public transportation; and keeps it exciting cities more chaotic as Bangkok or Kula Lumpur: life at all hours, several markets huge night and Chuck price very good food. Some Taipei streets reminded me to Tokyo or Osaka, while others seemed to areas in Bangkok.


Who has already announced that it will increase its commitment to Barcelona is AirChina. The firm, which already flies between Barcelona and Beijing (with a stop in Vienna), will begin to operate direct Shanghai-Barcelona route starting in May.

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