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How to move up in arenas clash royale

In Clash Royale, in addition to level up, we can climb arena. Playing in one or another arena will depend on the number of cups we accumulate, which is achieved through our victories in battle.

Every time we climb arena, the prizes we get in coffers will be better, and we will also unlock new cards that will appear in these coffers. Although it is not permanent, if we descend of arena after several defeats, we will happen to receive the rewards of the arena in which we are at the moment.

So we detail below the cups necessary to unlock each arena, and the cards we will unlock when we get it. Also I leave a link for those who are interested in get free gems clash royale, in the web of Gumsup, you will see all the information to get free gems and resources in Clash Royale and other games.

Free Gems in Clash Royale and Tips for Arenas.

Tips Arena Clash Royale

Since we will not have all the cards to play, we propose a deck to play in each arena and with which to climb to the next. You can also watch the best Clash Royale decks. Although depending on the arena you are you may not have all the necessary cards:

Arena 0 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena – Arena 0

Name of the arena: Training
Cups: They are not required as we begin to play.
Cards that are unlocked: Arrows, Bomber, Archers, Knight, Fireball, Mini Pekka, Mosquetera, Giant, Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Witch

Arena 1 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena – Arena 1

Name of the arena: Stadium
Cups: It is the first arena in which we will play competitive, so you will not need drinks either.
Cards that are unlocked: Goblins with Spear, Goblins, Goblins Hut, Goblins, Lightning, Valkyrie
Deck for arena 1: Giant – Prince – Minipekka – Knight – Mosquetera – Archers – Bomber – Arrows
Tips: The Giant and the Minipekka are two very fast cards with which you can surprise your opponent, so as soon as you have them, we recommend them to you.

Arena 2 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena 2 – Arena 2

Name of the arena: Bone pit
Cups: 400
Letters that unlock: Skeletons, Minions, Tombstone, Bombardier Tower, Giant Skeleton, Globe
Deck for arena 2: Arrows – Tombstone – Minipekka – Valkyrie – Prince – Arches – Goblin with spear – Goblin hut
Tips: Use buildings such as the tombstone or goblin hut, entertain enemy tanks, and the valkyrie is very strong versus small units, the first card with great area damage.

Arena 3 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena Arena 3 – Arena 3

Name of the arena: Barbarian Coliseum
Cups: 800
Cards Unlocked: Cannon, Barbarians, Rocket, Barbarian Hut, Fury and Crossbow
Deck for arena 3: Barbarians – Globe – Minions – Tombstone – Goblin hut – Fireball – Arrows – Prince
Tips: The Globe and the henchmen are the first aerial cards we will get, and are very complicated to defend at this point, so they are highly recommended.

Arena 4 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena  – Arena 4

Name of the arena: Fort of P.E.K.K.A.
Cups: 1,100
Cards that are unlocked: Tesla Tower, Army of Minions, Montapuerco, Horde of Minions, Infernal Tower, Freezing, Pekka, Infernal Dragon and Lava Hound
Deck for arena 4: Horda of minions – Globe – Arqueras – Tombstone – Hunt of elves – Fireball – Arrows – Mosquetera
Tips: We can already make a very strong air deck, with the horde and the balloon, supported by many letters that defend very well and facilitate the advance
We also propose a selection of the best decks for Fort of Pekka

Arena 5 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena – arena 5

Name of the arena: Valley of spells
Cups: 1,400
Letters unlocked: Unloading, Spirits of Fire, Oven, Wizard, Poison, Mirror, Ice Wizard and Cemetery
Deck 5: Mountaineering – Freezing – Baby Dragon, Mini pekka – Goblin with spear – Knight – Skeletons – Arrows
Tips: We could continue with air, but we already have very cheap cards that attack fast as the Montapuercos.
We also propose a selection of the best decks for Valle de Hechizos

Arena 6 clash royale

Clash Royale Arena Arena – Arena 6

arena Name: Builder’s Workshop
Points needed: 1,700
Cards that unlock: Mortar, Gatherer, Battle batter, Tornado, Golem, Trunk, Sparks and Miner
Deck for arena 6: Montapuerco – Miner – Barbarians – Hordes of minions – Goblins – Infernal Tower – Fireball – Download
Tips: From here we can test the decks of miner control, and at the same time defend everything with cards like the infernal tower.
We also propose a selection of the best decks for Constructor’s Workshop

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