Some apps that gives you the paid applications for free

The variety of applications that we can find both in the App Store and in the Play Store is really immense since we can from planning the weekend or learn some language until we find the possibility to control our daily diet. No doubt our mobile device currently offers us so many possibilities that we use it practically for everything. In addition its use has been extended more and more since the possibility of obtaining WiFi wherever we go is increasing. If you want to get paid apps for free visit the link to get more information.

Some interesting apps to get paid apps for free

Although most of the applications today are free, it is true that they are not all of them and that sometimes it is annoying to have to pay for some of them since we do not know if we will really give as much use as we intend .

So that we do not have the desire to try any of these applications, there are a series of legitimate applications with free download, what they are going to do is inform us about those applications that were in a first moment of payment, like obtaining them for free Or when the price of this application has dropped. This way we can get this information in a simple way without having to complicate too much.

We must bear in mind that whenever we download an application must be from the official store or the web of an authorized developer and we are sure that its reliability is complete. We should be alert on this issue, since otherwise we could fall into the scam applications download.

This are some of this apps

Below we will show a series of applications that are dedicated to this task, so that we have in our hands the power to know when we can make use of these applications for free or with a reduction in price.


With this application that we can find available for both Android and iPhone, we will be able to have different sections through which to customize our interests in terms of applications. The sections are divided into “my personal sales” for the applications that have gone down in price and we can try applying the discount they offer us. Another section called “my favorite now free” which is intended for all those applications that have gone from being paid to have a completely free download. Finally we find a section called “my new personal Apps” in which we will be able to configure alerts with those applications in which we are really interested and that we want to be informed when they are low in price or free.
Appzap for download paid applications for free.
No doubt this application will provide us with the possibility of accessing all this information in a simple and fast way.


Another alternative to find payment applications for free, is AppSales. This application can be found available in the Play Store and thanks to it we will be able to receive notifications regarding new offers in the applications or their availability for free.

It has a search function through which you can enter the name of the application that interests you to know what your price and receive notifications when there are available offers. It also has a price history through which we will be able to control the minimum, maximum and average value of the app during the last 60 days. This way we can know if we are interested in their download at that time or if it is convenient to wait.

Free Magic App

Another application we can find in relation to this topic, is Free App Magic. In this case we see that we can only find it available in the App Store. Unlike the others, with this App we will have daily the possibility to try 3 applications of payment of totally free way. There is a clock in which we can see the time available to download the applications that we offer on a daily basis.

In this way we can discover on a daily basis that new three applications offer us for download and if we are interested in any of them, proceed to do so. In case it is not so, we must wait for the applications to renew and see that offers us the app again.

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