In this unstoppable market, the importance of mobile games stands out, as every day new adepts and titles are added. The leisure market continues to set the tone in the digital society and, in this case, the figures speak for themselves. According to a study by Gameindustry, the mobile video game sector is the market leader and already accounts for 43% of the total benefits of game creation.

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1. Unity

Unity is one of the platforms for creating mobile games that is having the most impact and success among developers who either start with their free plan or use it to develop their mobile video games from a professional perspective. For the first ones, the platform puts at your disposal this manual to take your first steps at the time of creating games for mobiles. About its possibilities, this platform allows you to create games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you want to know more access Unity in Spanish in this link.https://www.trukocash.com/

2- Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine (Epic Games) is a platform for creating games for mobiles and other platforms that was born in 1998 and has been adding functionality and possibilities for developers. Currently, it allows the creation of games for Android and iOS, as well as for game consoles and computers. This platform has tutorials with which you can start creating video games. Access Unreal Engine at this link.

3- Buildbox

If you don’t have a lot of programming knowledge, Buildbox is a good option to create games for mobiles since it offers you the scenarios and characters you need to start a graphic adventure that you can develop for mobiles iOS. If you are taking your first steps you can consult their complete tutorials and decide on one of their price plans. Access Buildbox at this link.

4- Construct 2

Another reference when talking about platforms and tools with which you can create mobile games without programming knowledge is Construct 2, belonging to Scirra Limited and which already announces a new version, Construct 3, with new features. On this platform you can develop games for Android and iOS mobiles and, although it is paid for, it has an important community of experts who will help you get to know the tool, as well as a good number of Construct2 tutorials in Spanish. Access Construct 2 on this link.

5- GameMaker Studio

Like the other options we offer in this collection, GameMaker Studio (Yoyo Games) allows you to create 2D mobile games without excessive programming knowledge. In the same way, you have a number of tutorials and Youtube channels where you can find GameMaker Studio guides for beginners in Spanish. About the price, you have a free trial version and then you have to switch to payment plans. Access GameMaker Studio at this link.

6- Amazon Lumberyard

Internet giant Amazon has also joined the platforms to create games for Android and iOS mobiles through Amazon Lumberyard. A free tool with which you can access high quality resources with which to design your own stage for your video game and you can test online thanks to Twitch. One of its advantages is that you have extensive information in Spanish to start testing this game engine. Access Amazon Lumberyard at this link.

7- Google Devolopers

Google was going to be no less than other major platforms that are betting on opportunities to create mobile games. If you access Google Developers from your user account you have a section dedicated to the creation of video games that allows you to take your first steps in Android NDK or develop games for all operating systems through services in the Cloud for video games.

Google’s commitment to the world of video games is much more ambitious, as recently announced the launch of Stadia, a cloud ecosystem that will compete with major video game platforms such as PlayStation or XBox in the use and development of streaming games.

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