2017 bring us a lot of very expected games

By 2015, we expected many games that, for various reasons, disappeared from the calendar and went to 2016. Quantum Break, The Division, not Man’s Sky, Zelda WIi U, Star Fox Zero, Homefront: The Revolution, 4 Uncharted… The trend has remained in this 2016, with some already delayed major title, as Scalebound, the exclusive Platinum Games for Xbox One. We want ahead of the news, we get the crystal ball and we pulled to the pool to see which games may be delayed to next year.

Since its introduction last autumn, Detroit: Become Human has become one of the titles to consider for the catalogue of the PS4. Behind him is David Cage, responsible for Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain during the past generation. In his peculiar way of telling stories now gets fully in science fiction and the implications that would have artificial intelligence in society. It was presented during the last October and is expected to occupy a place of honor at the next E3, but we fear that 2016 is a date too early for this project and that we have to go 2017 to enjoy it.

Dishonored 2 leaked a few hours before its official announcement during the E3 of 2015 but that not removed him absolutely nothing of importance. The continuation of the adventures of Corvo and his new companion, Emily, is one of those titles that promise to shine with their own light within the catalogue of the new generation consoles, though its development has not shed new lights for several months. The initial plans of Bethesda was to throw it to the spring of 2016, but a few months that begins, there is still no date firm. However, and according to the pace of the current generation of consoles, most likely that Bethesda was too optimistic with their valuations and Dishonored 2 to finish going to 2017.

With Dragon Quest we have a very broad guidance window that closes may 27, 2017, date in which close the events of the 30th anniversary of the legendary series of Japanese role-playing games. It is safest to Dragon Quest XI, both in its version for Nintendo 3DS and PS4 (of the supposed for NX better not talk), we arrive through 2017, especially if we speak of the West. In Japan could still have any hope of that out along this 2016, but Square Enix usually distance a few months releases in different regions when it comes to Dragon Quest.

Final Fantasy XV already is one of the games with one of the longer development in the history of video games. We should not forget that the germ of this title is in Final Fantasy XIII versus and that this was announced during the presentation of the PS3, in 2006, a decade ago. Finally last year we enjoyed the first beta, called Episode Duscae, which revealed many of their qualities, but also many problems that needed to be solved. It is assumed that March 31 (end of the Japanese fiscal year) Square Enix will make an important announcement about this game. The forecast is to come out this year, but could still go to the first months of 2017.

Gears of War is one of the most powerful franchises available in Microsoft for its Xbox brand. Surprised everyone with a first absolutely brilliant game that, to some extent, marked the way for his generation and up to three sequels that helped to consolidate the brand and turn it into an absolute reference of video games on Xbox 360. Gears of War 4 will become a reality that is intended for Christmas of 2016, but seeing what is happening with the Xbox One exclusives may well end up turning it into one of those titles that have to be delayed a few months to finish polishing details. The border of the consumption of the festivities is a sweet too tempting to let it pass, but the trouble in the deadlines that we have experienced in recent years already make us wary of anyone.

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